concept car

5 Epic Ways Technology Has Improved Your Vehicle

Now, even if you are not the biggest fan of technology or cars, you have to admit, that is an awesome dashboard. Apparently, it is from a concept car that will arrive in 2016. We don’t know about you but we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that every time we checked our speed. It would probably ensure we checked if we were going to fast on the highways a lot more often. So right off the bat, there is a definite way technology is improving your vehicle. But what other changes has tech made to driving?

concept car

Navigation Made Simple

If you ignore the fact that apple maps tried to kill a bunch of people a few years ago, sat navs are brilliant. They have stopped the need to pull over and ask for directions. Let’s face it, we never did that in the first place. We just kept driving until we found our bearing. They have eliminated the need for carrying a big map around in your car, or any input from backseat drivers. Now, satnavs are not even considered an ad on. If you buy a new car today, chances are it will come with a satnav installed. Even if you do not have one, you can always just set up your phone on a handsfree. Although, you will run into problems if you drive into a no service area.

Exterior Beauty

When you bought a car in the past, after a couple of years, you started to notice wear and tear on the paintwork. This would happen even if you had never crashed in your entire life. But not anymore. Now, with the latest technology and techniques the industry has improved. Most mechanics and car manufactures use a powder coating service to ensure that the paintwork on your vehicle is stronger than ever. If you do nudge something in your vehicle you may even find that there is virtually no seeable damage. That means your beautiful machine looks new and up to date for longer.

Interior Design

You have already seen the stunning dashboard at the top of the page. That is not available in cars yet but there is a lot of fancy things you can now find next to your front seat. For instance, virtually every car these days is equipped with a port to play your phone or ipod through. After all, what is life without an awesome soundtrack, even when you are driving.

But there are more useful features added on too. You can now get an interior camera display for your car. It records every moment that you are driving. That means if you are ever accused of hitting a car when you had no impact, you can now prove it. You will have the footage that will show their claim to be false. Not to mention the fact that a back camera makes reverse parking a lot easier.

Petrol? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Petrol

We had to include this one at the end. We are not quite at the point yet where cars no longer need fossil fuels. Even the latest hybrids need some form of petrol as a backup. But we are getting to that point, and we promise you, when we do, it will be due to a revolution in technology.