Enjoy The Weekend With TIGGO 5 SUV

Going for a holiday and want a ride….? Try the quality of comforts with TIGGO 5 SUV, yes the TIGGO 5 SUV contain free combination of spaces, remarkable driving safety and utmost driving joy.

Enjoy The Weekend With TIGGO 5 SUVThe TIGGO 5 SUV emerged with sleek and dashing design body, smiling multi-level front facing shape, lenticular headlights, hydrodynamic surfacing, 360 degree dead-zone-free LED rear view mirror, superb 17-inch aluminum alloy wheel, fashionable  LED taillights and high break lights.

The TIGGO 5 SUV can attain the maximum speed of 175 kilo meter per hour with its powerful and effective engine, it has a maximum of 182 N.m per 4,500 revolutions per minute, the engine consist of 4 cylinders which gives the vehicle blazing speed, the vehicle, the vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission type, this great SUV come forth with gasoline fuel tank and has a huge fuel capacity up to 55 liters.

The TIGGO 5 SUV has a lightest curb weight of only 1495kg, its has a dimension of 4506 mm in length, 1841 mm in width, 1740 mm in height, and a wheel base of 2610 mm. The SUV has a passive entry and one-button start technology, 4/6 divided seats including back seats folding function, Luxurious 7-inch ultra-large touch screen entertainment navigation system to enjoy the ride all the way you go, ACS automatic sunroof, intelligent parking vision with a 300,000 pixel rear camera embedded in back. The TIGGO 5 SUV is a environment friendly and comes with most advanced safety features and high passing performance.