Rover Land & Sea amphibious app-controlled vehicle can bring your adventure onto water

Don’t permit some thing stand in the manner of your adventures if you have the Rover Land and Sea Amphibious Vehicle. Controllable with the app, this cruiser can manage water as properly as it does the land. The Rover features a built-in camera that can rotate 90 levels. in addition, the vehicle is hooked up in your device to present you a live view of what it sees. ideal for exploring, the Rover also makes use of headlights and underwater LED lighting fixtures to help light up its direction. With the app, you can manipulate the car’s velocity, direction, lights, and even alter the digital camera. Rover is notable for any out of doors journey while you’re hiking a mountain or tenting.

Rover Land and Sea app-controlled vehicle Design

The Rover Land & Sea is a powerful and flexible app-enabled RC car that works with iOS and Android devices. The RC car sports a compact and streamlined appearance design, and it features uniquely designed wheels that not only allow it to run on a variety of terrains, but also propel the vehicle through the water with fins on the wheels. Moreover, the rubber ridges in the center of each wheel provide traction and protect the fins on land.

Rover Land and Sea app-controlled vehicle Features

The app-controlled vehicle comes equipped with a built-in camera that can rotate 90 degrees so using its custom app, you can not only effortlessly control the RC car, but also view real-time video from the vehicle. Meanwhile, its headlights and underwater LEDs let you check the terrain even in the dark.

Furthermore, the app-enabled vehicle also features 2-way audio so you can use it to perform secret missions or announce your presence. Built-in route memory is designed to repeat those special travel routes. Apart from these, the app-controlled vehicle is powered by 6 AA batteries.

Rover Land and Sea app-controlled vehicle Price

The Rover Land and Sea app-controlled vehicle is priced at $129.99 USD. If you are really interested, jump to Brookstone online store for its more details.