2015 Renault Kadjar

The Most Helpful Cars Of 2016 So Far

It seems that every day is jam-packed with things to do. Our lives have become an endless parade of waking up, downing coffee, rushing to work and meeting deadlines. The we get back home, slouch about for a while and get ready to repeat it all the next day.

 2015 Renault Kadjar

I think it’s because of this lifestyle that the whole auto industry has started doing all it can to make our lives easier. Heck, there are now even mobile tyre fitting services. Car makers have cottoned on too, and understand that people expect seamless convenience from their vehicles. So what have they come up with?

Renault Kadjar SUV

Topping the charts when it comes to 2016 is the Renault Kadjar. First stop, the boot. The car has a whopping 472 litres of boot space, which is about 10 percent more than the ever-popular Nissan Qashqai. It’s also a lot more than you could get in a standard estate car. Although the Renault does fall a bit short of the space available in the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai ix35, you can fold down the back seats and nearly double the space.

Plus, folding the rear seats is easy. All you have to do is pull a single lever (on the more expensive models) and they will pack away completely flat. Doing this will expand the space available to 1478 litres. Furthermore, if you’ve got big, heavy items to put in the back, you can also get versions of the car with a foldaway boot lip.

Renault may not always have had a reputation for reliability, the Kadjar does well in this respect too. In fact, the Driver Power survey which did the research found that the Kadjar actually did a lot better than its chief rival, the Qashqai. That car has been dogged by reliability issues since its inception.

Volvo XC90

When Volvo announced their new SUV I’m sure you had the same thought as I did. Can they pull it off this time? But Volvo has finally achieved their potential with this car; making a vehicle that is both reliable and also practical.

When you get in the XC90 you’ll notice the plush, beautifully finished interior. It’s extremely comfortable and quiet inside. There’s also a luxurious amount of space.

From a practicality standpoint, the car is tough to match. The latest model actually features more space than its predecessor. And the car is useful if you ever need to tow anything. The D5 diesel and T6 petrol versions of the car can tow up to 2700 kg. Not bad!

On the downside, the car is very expensive. Expect to pay anywhere between £46,000 and £64,000 for a new model. But you do get what you pay for.

Also, if you opt for the hybrid version, you still can’t expect incredible efficiency. The problem that many reviewers have had is that the actual mileage claims from the manufacturer don’t match real life. Volvo claims 134.5mpg, but you’ll probably only managed 110.