Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota And Mazda Work Together On Green Car Technology

It might seem like an odd partnership, but car manufacturers Toyota and Mazda have announced they plan to work together to create the next generation of green vehicles. Toyota released their endlessly popular Prius Hybrid in 2011. Since then they have been considered the number one company in the industry for environmentally-friendly vehicles. However, it would appear that Mazda has access to innovations that the people working at Toyota want to get their hands on. Of course, the deal works both ways, and Mazda is expected to gain access to the fuel cell technology that has made Toyota such a big name over the last few years.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The world’s car regulators have been demanding a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the last decade. So, it comes as no surprise that these two companies have chosen to work together. They understand that success in the future relies on cooperation and the sharing of ideas. Mazda is expected to supply Toyota with their Skyactiv technology in return for the information handed over.

The companies have joined forces in the past with great success. Toyota gave Mazda the details of their hybrid designs in 2010. Mazda started supplying Toyota with subcompact cars from their Mexican factory in 2012. So, it looks at though the partnership could become a long term arrangement. Many industry insiders know that the two brands joining forces is good for the market as a whole. It will spur faster advancements and ensure consumers get the best possible vehicles when they visit dealers.

We see used specialists like the Imperial Car Supermarket stocking hybrid Toyota models that were released a few years ago. Pretty soon, even those on the tightest budgets should find it easier to limit their impact on the environment. The can do that by purchasing models with this new tech. While the cars are never going to be as every efficient as the i-Road, things are moving in the right direction. The changes in the way the industry thinks about green advancements have come from public pressure and government encouragement. We should just feel glad that manufacturers are finally taking notice of their customer’s demands.

The Japanese manufacturers have been at the discussion table for the last few months ironing out a deal. Experts are reporting they are almost in agreement on all the finer details, and we can expect work to start in the next couple of weeks. The fuel cell technology supplied by Toyota should help their rivals to become contenders in the hybrid car market. The Skyactiv technology handed over my Mazda should help Toyota to improve their range of fuel efficient petrol and diesel models.

Can we expect to see more big car names working together for the greater good in the near future? We certainly hope so. It’s about time that large companies of that nature stopped trying to compete and started to cooperate. The sharing of information could propel advancements forward much more quickly than anyone could have expected. See you back here for more car news tomorrow!