Uber ride-sharing service


Ride-sharing service, Uber recently adding a new feature to UberPOOL which is hopefully to make expedite trips faster, for both passengers and drivers. This feature enable riders to specific a nearby intersection instead of having to put an real address for a drop-off or pick-up point, and now this feature is rolling out to everyone using the app in the San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can also read about the detail of Uber ride-sharing service at www.autocpedia.com. If every thing goes well it may decide to roll out the new feature in other cities.

Uber ride-sharing service

The alternate drop-off or pick-up points will be algorithmically generated based on data about your route and real-time traffic info, and the notification will also show you approximately how much time you will save by taking the suggestion instead of maintaining the current course.

This new feature builds off company’s success in New York City which has shown that sometimes it is good to hop out of the vehicles at the corner and walk to your destination instead of sitting for one extra loop in the car which obviously causes unnecessary delays for everyone.

If you are good with what Uber new offers up, a rider can tap the little blue box pop-up showing you time saved on the map, and it will send the updated route information to the POOL driver. Uber’s emphasizing the Nice Citizen aspect of this behavior, in that taking part will really help your fellow riders save time.

UberPool trips, which pair riders with other people going in the similar direction, are cheaper than a standard Uber ride. They have become popular with riders — Uber says that in San Francisco half its trips are Pool trips — means that the company has plenty of incentive to expand that revenue stream by making the trips faster and more convenient, even though company’s drivers have complained that the growing popularity of Pool trips is eating into the wages they take home.