Escape From Your Gizmos By Fishing

by admin | Friday, Apr 28, 2017 | 258 views

Do you like to fish?  I certainly do.  But I am NOT a “fisherman”.  Indeed, my skills end when the hook goes in the water; from that point I am at the mercy of the weather, the water, and the natural elements.  I don’t know one breed of fish from the other, although I can tell the difference between big fish and little ones.  Nor do I know what baits they like.  My fishing consists of getting up early, going to the pier with my chair and packed lunch.  I wear the Extreme ECO water-repellant jacket and fisherman’s cap my wife got me from Columbia as I settle back to enjoy the breeze and watch the sun rise over the ocean.   I like to listen to the birds as they search for their morning food and hear the morning tide coming in.

Escape From Your Gizmos By Fishing

Now you might wonder what a designer of high-tech software is doing parked on a fishing pier when he knows absolutely nothing about the fish or the sport.  The fact is, that’s precisely why I’m there.  I fish so I can escape the technicalities I encounter every minute of every day when I am at work.  Fishing gives me the chance to return to nature and the elements.  Tiny details are not so important.  Give me an outdoor kit purchased with a Groupon promo code, some bait and a supply of snacks and drink and I’m set to unwind.  I so enjoy the experience of doing nothing that I often resent it when a fish interrupts my reverie by pulling on my line.

Of course, I do occasionally catch a few fish.  And I almost always throw them back.  Once some guy on the pier begged me so much for a catch that I gave it to him; he wanted something to prove to his wife he hadn’t wasted an entire day.  But I usually toss my catches back into the water; I’m not good at cleaning and filleting fish anyhow.  Instead, I use a Groupon to buy new outdoor supplies from Columbia for my next trip.  And at the end of my time I usually buy something from the pier fish market to bring home; they know me so well by now that they give me special customer status.  That keeps all of us happy!

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