Force Touch Creation Of Iphone 6S Commences By Apple

Inside sources have revealed that the company has just got the ball rolling in making the next iPhones and have also revealed the one major specialty that will set it apart from its harbingers. By Confirming earlier rumors, these iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, as they are believed to be called, will feature Apple’s fancy new Force Touch feature, bringing pressure sensitivity to a larger screen and to a larger scale of devices.


The two new iPhones will hold the same 4.7 and 5.5-inch display sizes, with an exterior design that’s largely unchanged. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested the addition of Force Touch could make the iPhone 0.2-mm thicker, but it is unclear if that rumor is precise. On a touchscreen the size of an iPhone, however, that could be taken a lot foster. In early 2014, a patent filed by Apple revealed its plans to have pressure sensitive screens and this could very well be the fulfillment of those plans. One application would be to partly imitate the competencies of force sensitive styluses like those from Wacom or Adonit without the need for particularized instruments or Bluetooth. It can also extend the range of available gestures to control the smartphone, varying in the degrees of pressure applied.

It is by no means certain that the new iPhones will have the 6S moniker Apple could jump up to the iPhone 7 with its naming system, but we are expecting minor upgrades for the 2015 refresh. Apple usually announces new iPhones in September and we expect the same this year. As Bloomberg notes, handset availability will depend on how quickly Apple can churn out the new Force Touch screens.

It is one specialty to look forward to when the iPhone 6S and 7 rolls round later this year. We’re anticipating a few bumps to the processor speed and memory capacity, and of course the arrival of iOS 9.