55PUT6400 By Philips: Aggressively Astounding

The 55PUT6400 is a striking debut for Philips’ new TV range. It catches the eye with its price and size for a 4K ultra high definition TV, and in many ways its pictures grab your attention too. Philips’ always lovable Ambi-light technology, where colored lights spill out from behind the screen to accompany the images being shown onscreen.


The 55PUT6400 also does nothing to live down to its price with its connections. Its four HDMIs keeps pace with anything the expensive end of the TV market has to perform, while the multimedia connections of three USBs and integrated WiFi perform playback support for all the main wide.

The 55PUT6400 in its bid to keep its price low, but exactly it is moderately well specified set. The LED lighting is of the direct variety, where the lights appear behind the screen rather than around its edges a configuration which usually leads to increased contrast.

The screen also applies a process called Micro Dimming Pro that breaks the picture down into thousands of small zones so that the picture processing systems can deliver more accurate results.

These processing systems which take in everything from making motion clearer and cutting back noise to boosting color and contrast are preponderantly contained within Philip’s Pixel Plus Ultra HD engine. The 55PUT6400’s pictures all of a sudden become not only more palatable but even, for much of the time, actually rather good.

They are peculiarly effective with native 4K content. With such an ultra pure source the screen is able to give full expression to its color, sharpness and, to some extent, contrast strengths. The Ultra Resolution characteristic active the sharpness can go too far, to the point where images start to look noisy. Turning this characteristics off, though, cuts back the noise without excessively reducing the sharpness.

The 55PUT6400’s settings menus, meanwhile, do a solid job of trying to organize the huge amount of characteristics they are tasked with carrying.

If £749 is your limit and you like your TVs big, then the 55PUT6400 at least warrants an audition.