HDF-W30 -projector

BARCO HDF-W30 Flex Debut Ultra-Brightness Laser Phosphor Projector

BARCO is a leading manufacturer of digital cinema projectors. Couple of days ago, Barco showcase the HDF-W30 FLEX projector with high-brightness. The ultrabright and reliable HDF-W30 projector is a perfect fit for any large venue-even when there’s lots of ambient light, or event that requires extra brightness to show clear, crisp images in a luminous environment.

Today, there are number of ways which we use projector such as business presentations, home theater, game play, and technology (LCD, DLP, and LCOS). The HDF-W30 FLEX benefits is that it offers FLEX brightness as standard to a specific show between 18000 to 30000 lumens in incremental steps of 2000 lumens.

The HDF-W30 FLEX equipped with Barco’s cutting edge Image PRO technology for scaling power. Plus the geared with 3 chip DLP projector technology, single Xenon lamp for easy projector management, illumination, setup and servicing , and a high contrast optical engine. The HDF-W30 FLEX remarked no compromises on brightness, color accuracy, and stability.

HDF-W30 -projector

The HDF-W30 FLEX features included high-contrast 3-chip DLP engine, WUXGA resolution (1920 × 1200), contrast ratio of 1900:1, dual-core warp engine, extended wireless control options. In addition to minimizing maintenance interventions, the projector also allows customers to reduce their expensive spare parts inventory. Its sealed engine with constant image quality over time can make low total cost of ownership and customer can also replace the bulb of projector.

HDF-W30 FLEX is easy to set up, install, service and transport thanks to modular design. It can easily be stacked or rigged. Just like the RLM, HDX, HDF and FLM projector families, that compatible for TLD lens suite.