Bluesound Vault – Boasts Listening

The brand is from some of the people behind NAD, who have been making quality amplifiers since the 1970’s. So they really should know what they are doing when it comes to good sound. The Vault is the former, consisting of a high end DAC, which is supporting up to 24-bit 192khz recordings with a CD burner and 2TB hard drive built in.


Control Of Bluesound Vault

It works by adding tracks you select from either your library or one of your streaming services to a playlist which you then play them from. The Vault is controlled from an app on either iOS or android, pc or mac. From here you can play any of the music you have saved on the vault, and stream from services like Spotify.

Once you have a massive library to sort through, you can add a few albums to the playlist and listen through that without getting bogged down and distracted by the weight of all the other music you own. The app is easy enough to navigate your way around, with a menu to the side to which you add the streaming services you want to use alongside your own music collection.

Functionality & Sound Quality

The process takes a while, although may be quicker at lower quality settings, but you can start playing tracks once they are added while the rest copy if you are feeling particularly impatient. High definition streaming from tidal is a joy, and CD’s copied in the highest quality format sounded as good as, if not better, than they did in my CD player.

The Vault then acts as a networked drive as well, so you can use it to wirelessly back up data and play music from your computers and anything else on your network. Just tell it where to look and it’ll add it all to your library.


The Bluesound Vault is a great way to digitally free your music. If you have got a ton of CD’s you never listen to but do not want the hassle and constraints of your ripping them into your computer, then this could be the easy storage medium for you.