Cobham Launched FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319: High Power Antenna System

British manufacturing company and a leading global technology and services innovator, COBHAM, recently launched FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319, first in a range of high power spiral antennas. Which provide high gain, high power and circular polarization within a compact, rugged housing and low profile that help for cellular counter measure, multi band communication and security applications.Anntenas

The FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319 has been design to handle up to the 150 Watt, that has the potential of operating performance and efficiency at high power. It also covers the 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz frequency range. The antenna has a peak gain of 10 dBiC and a beamwidth of 60° × 60°. The narrow beamwidth offers that the disruptive signals are targeted where they needed and the period of time, the effect on friendly areas has reduce and it also enable more precise targeting of the radio signals

The high gain and high power spiral range is includes 4 products : 0.4-6.0 GHz, 0.7-2.7 GHz, 1.7- 6-0 GHz and 2.0-5.9 GHz. It Provide peace of mind with resilient data transmission solutions for mission critical operations. This antenna used to replace large and more expensive, Horn or Conical, Log-Periodic spiral antennas and also used in situations where height/profile is critical.

The combination of high Power and high gain means that a very significant Effective Isotropic Radiated Power can be generated to increase signal strength to overload any hostile system at greater distance.

It also Provide circular polarization to ensure that antenna will “couple” with any polarized linear signal, giving more chance of disrupting hostile systems.