Cori customizable travel neck pillow lets you more comfortably take a snooze during on the road

CORI is a customized travel neck pillow this is designed to adapt to the person’s precise options and the alignment of his or her physique. The product is one-size and provided in an expansion of colorways. on the subject of its characteristic, the creators made the travel essential compact, ultra lightweight and easy to hold.

CORI’s modular design and memory foam cushions allow the personalised travel neck pillow to have a custom-pleasant configuration and to provide ergonomic cervical guide. Similarly, the product has a silky soft material with a view to assure no pesky and inconveniently timed skin irritations. Taking into account ordinary visitor habits and sports, CORI is ready the size of a palm, has a detachable and system-cleanable cover, as well as comprises the use of headphones.

Cori Customizable Travel Neck Pillow Design

The Cori is an modern, customizable journey pillow that weighs 230g (8.1oz). when rolled, it measures simplest 12cm (4.7 inches) in diameter, so the extremely compact shape component allows you to without difficulty installed to your convey-on or just put on it round your neck as a headband. in the meantime, multiple vibrant colorations make certain it reflects your personality.

Cori Customizable Travel Neck Pillow Features

The Travel neck pillow functions an ergonomic strap crafted from excessive tensile power fabric for max assist, while two particularly formulated memory foam gadgets are blanketed with the aid of breathable, cooling and silky tender fabric exterior, which supply expensive consolation. Moreover, the usage of incorporated Velcro bands on the strap, you can freely alter the placement of the 2 devices on the strap with a view to healthy unique body and resting preferences. Similarly to all-round assist, facet assist and front support, the neck pillow also lets in you to feature more memory foam gadgets for a personalized suit.

Cori Customizable Travel Neck Pillow Price

The team behind Cori is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $36 to preorder the customizable travel neck pillow.