CROZ DIY compact virtual digital camera

CROZ Is Designed To Be A Simple & Straight Forward Digital Camera

CROZ DIY virtual digital camera no longer handiest it meaning that user can seize pictures, but additionally brings the glee of creating a digital camera. Sounds cool? Let’s proceed checking.

The CROZ is a well-crafted and easy-to-assemble digital camera kit that comes in three models including vanguard, vintage and premium. All three models sport an ultra compact and slim design. When assembled, this compact camera slid in your pocket with an ease for the easy carrying.

With an elegant brass frame and lavish wooden case, the vintage and premium CROZ cameras show off an eye-catching retro style along with meticulous detailing. The vanguard version is having a transparent casing that displays its gorgeous components and complex internal structure.

CROZ DIY compact virtual digital camera

Moreover, this compact camera comes along with a 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor and has two interchangeable magnetic fisheye and wide-angle lenses plus four color effects in order that you can use it to capture awesome pictures in a variety of styles, and the digital photos are good for 8×20 prints or easy sharing via social media.

Furthermore, its memory card slot supports up to 32 gigabyte SD card with or without WiFi, and it is powered by two changeable AAA batteries. Most importantly, you’ll receive a digital camera kit. Based on included instructions, you can build this camera by yourself with an ease.

Both Vintage and Premium camera set includes:

  • Camera board
  • Brass frame
  • Luxury Wooden case
  • Transparent design case
  • Wooden leather strap
  • SD card (8GB for over 4,000 shots)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Brass fastens
  • Fisheye lens & Wide angle lens
  • AAA batteries aren’t included for shipping safety reason