Denon AH MM400 – Full Sized Headphones

The AH-MM400, it feels as though Denon has returned home. These are the first premium, full-sized portable headphones that fit the company’s style and hit every target with ease. Denon is a headphone veteran, but over the past few years we’ve questioned the products it has launched. While chasing the Beats bandwagon meant that too often form, fit and even sound quality were off the mark.


We have already accused Denon of imitating Beats just look at the Denon AH-D600 for proof. The Denon AH-MM400, however, have none of that flavor. With their wood-topped ear cups, they are out to court a more mature audience. And by this we don’t mean “old”just those who might cringe at the idea of headphones as urban street-wear. Denon’s construction quality is good well designed with lots of specialties, which fold up design is super smooth. However, there is no original leather here, and it is enough high quality with synthetic version to make the difference than previous ones.

Sound Quality

The frequency spectrum that feels a slightly massaged is the treble. This becomes apparent only in direct comparison or distinguishing with rival such as the OPPO. In terms of sound personality, it ought to be described them as smooth sounding and alos natural rather than attention grabbers. The AH-MM400 Denon has returned to its roots and offers a much more natural sounding headphones pleasantly. Denon’s AH-MM400 has lacked in some way about the enthusiasm and energy of its momentum. It was provided by a low bass skew, and if you wan bass that thrills the Sennhesier can that only. Even though, the AH-MM400 sounds pretty wide & involving as well.


Denon is back on form the AH-MM400 are a great set of classy-sounding portable headphones. AH-MM400 is that product of Denon on which you won’t regret after buying that, and it’ll accommodate in your views.