Dyson AM09 – The Technology With Cool Plus Heat Feature

It introduces what Dyson calls Jet Focus, which adds a second airflow aperture ring that pushes air out in a narrower, more precise way. In other words, instead of just cooling or warming the whole room, Jet Focus gives you a soothing blast of air just for you. The Dyson AM09 is the latest ‘Hot Plus Cool’ air multiplier fan turn heater from the vacuum cleaner specialist.


Functioning And Characteristics

Switching between the two modes is simple. Dedicated buttons on the remote allow you to pick and choose the airflow design, with the fan acting quickly to your choice. A small LED display on the AM09’s base even shows if you are blowing hot or cold, broad or narrow, and just how powerful a whiff the machine is giving. As noted earlier, the headline new specialty on the AM09 is its Jet Focus tech, which lets you project the warm or cooling airflow at an individual. It uses the Coanda effect, which causes air to charge direction as it travels over a surface, and two aperture rings to regulate the spread and direction of air generated.

Designing Of Dyson AM09

Fortunately, the small, ergonomic remote that clips to the top of the fan heater’s curved body remains. This makes the remote easier to store, harder to lose, and somewhat corrects for the lack of on-board controls. The silver on black model we tested has a matt touch finish, which further increases the sleek, premium look. It is prone to fingerprints and is something of a dust magnet, however. If the Darth Vader-esque look is not for you, black/blue and gloss white/silver options are also available.

Why Dyson AM09 Should Be Bought?

It is a great, stylish fan and heater that is all the way perfect for upmarket living rooms, home offices or anywhere that needs what the Dyson offers. The Jet Focus feature works very well, and is something no rival can offer at present. If your bank balance can handle the near £400 hit, then the AM09 is hard to overlook. Unlike single use alternatives, the AM09 will not spend half the year tucked away in a dusty cupboard. It is useful all year round.


Dyson’s AM09 air multiplier is peerless in what it does. That’s reflected in the price, but you do get what you pay for.