PLED W800 By ViewSonic – Ultra Portable Projector

According to ViewSonic, the PLED-W800 is the rarest of projector beasts a highly practical, ultra-portable model that also sports enough picture quality and flexibility to support both business presentations and home entertainment use. The PLED-W800 surely lives up to the portable part of its billing. Its petite form measures in at just 175 x 138 x 51.5mm high, similar to a typical hardback book.


Sound Quality

The sound is clear, projects a decent distance from the projector’s body slightly disguising, at least, the problem you always get with built-in projector speakers where the audio does not sound like it is coming from where the pictures are, and even gets reasonably loud without distorting. If you are able to filter out the fan noise, the W800 sounds much better than you would expect from an audio spec of just 2 x 2W.

It is still a cut above the sound we have heard from any other ultra-portable projector, notwithstanding the fact that the sound is always underpinned by the whirring of the fans when you are using the sort of brightness setting you are likely to want to use.

Design & Characteristics

The W800 further supports its plug and play multi-purpose credentials by carrying a built in audio system. Inevitably considering how small the projector is this audio system will not actually make your ears bleed, its output is rated at just 4W, delivered via two 2W speakers. In reality we would say things start to look a bit dim when you get past around 70 inches, but even this is a very good result for an ultra-portable projector. The one slight fly in the spec ointment is the W800’s native resolution of 1280 x 800.

While this is decent in simple resolution terms, it works out to a 16:10 aspect ratio rather than the 16:9 aspect ratio used by today’s video sources. Nevertheless, the W800 does at least supply the option to preserve the 16:9 ratio of video sources, placing small bars above and below the picture, rather than just automatically stretching 16:9 pictures vertically to suit the 16:10 pixel ratio, as happens with less thoughtful 16:10 projectors.


The W800 sets new standards for the ultra-portable projector market. It is a good looking, well-built, feature-packed little device too, which means it also looks decent value.