light l16

The Light L16 Multi-Lens Camera – Captures DSLR Quality Images

Light has recently announced the final design of its camera called – the Light L16. This camera crams 16 different lenses into one body, and deliver DSLR quality pictures. Light L16 is the first camera that manages to cram multi-lenses in one body, there is no other camera like that. Another unique camera, which has launched recently, called the Pocket-size flying camera, you can view it via VogaTech.

light l16

The Multi-lens camera is expected to ship on July 14th. Who have already pre-ordered it, they can get this camera on 14 July, and for those who want to pre-order they will wait for some time because the company is not currently taking any more pre-orders. But it is expected that the company will start taking pre-order later this year.

The 16-lenses camera features a massive 52 megapixel that means it can capture high-resolution images up to 52MP. The camera is about to a large smartphone size and features a 16 different lenses, each of which sports a 13 megapixel camera. The 16 lenses are grouped into three focal lengths: six lenses features a 150mm f/2.4 telephoto lenses, five 70mm f/2.0 midrange lenses, and five 28mm f/2.0 wide-angle lenses. The camera also features a flash and laser focus.

It can able to capture DSLR quality pictures and it is small and light-weight enough to fit in your pocket easily, like a smartphone. It offers a zoom range of 35 to 150mm. It also offers effective low-light imaging, means it can able to capture pictures in low light, thanks to its computation algorithm. The camera sports a 5 inch LCD touch screen as well as it is also water and dust-resistant. The camera will come with a rechargeable battery that can take 400 shots. You can also connect this camera to Wi-Fi networks for image and video sharing. The Light L16 multi-lens camera will retail for $1,699, but you can pre-order it after this year.