payment-enabled sunglasses

Visa has announced a new pilot of contactless payment-enabled sunglasses

If you’ve ever gone to the seaside and bemoaned which you had to convey along your pockets, Visa has introduced some thing tailor made for you: a payment-enabled pair of sunglasses.

Introduced at Austin’s SXSW, Visa told us the glasses are made by a nearby Australian brand known as Local Supply, except that they’ve a small contactless card sitting on certainly one of its temples. To pay, all you have to do is take the glasses off and tap them onto a Visa NFC-enabled terminal.

Evolved with a tiny chip internal, the sunglasses might enable customers to pay for items by way of just tapping them on an enabled payment terminal, just like a contactless card.

payment-enabled sunglasses

The pilot application will take location at the world Surf League’s 2017 Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast competition, which Visa is now additionally sponsoring. And at the same time as the whole concept of price-enabled sun shades only sort of makes feel (revel in the tons better stakes within the occasion which you lose them), I wager a browsing competition is one of those times whilst you’d be on a seashore and no longer wearing a pockets, but would need to shop for something. It’s actually a comparable idea to the Microsoft Band 2, which blanketed the capability to shop for Starbucks beverages at once thru the wearable tool when you were out on a run.

Visa’s strategy is similar to the one Snap had for its Snapchat Spectacles. Snap made availability of the Spectacles extremely limited at first, only selling them though vending machines that appeared in random cities for a day. Snap said the product was essentially a toy, an experiment to see if there was real demand for them. Once they felt comfortable enough, they opened sales up to everyone on its website.

What’s doubtful is whether Visa will rate Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro attendees to apply their charge-enabled sunglasses and if they will make it out of the prototype level. Additionally, it is doubtful if there are any protection mechanisms in play to authenticate bills. We have observed up with those questions, and we’ll update you if and while we recognize extra.