Motosport Forza 6 – Ready To Hedge With Speed

Some sequels redefine a series or a genre, radically enhancing the graphics, deconstructing and reconstructing the gameplay by adding characteristics so genius that all succeeding games have no choice but to copy them. By enhancing and amending on what was already great about Forza 5, making recompense for its biggest failings and adding in a few new characteristics to maintain pace with the latest console racers.


Let’s start with the headline characteristics. In a way, by adding night-time driving and wet weather simulation is merely playing catch-up with Project Cars and DriveClub, yet it has to be said that both characteristics are specially well handled. The same goes for rain.

Again, DriveClub does a better droplets on the windscreen effort, but Forza 6 wins out on the nerve-wracking feel of driving laughably fast in wet conditions. There are now 26 locales in total, adding Daytona, Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch and Daytona for the first time, along with complete rebuilds of a few old favorites plus a new city course set in Rio de Janeiro.

As if the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and Lexus RC F were not enough, there is a room for next year’s Mazda MX-5 and Ford Shelby GT350R plus the 2017 Ford GT. Bar Gran Turismo 6, you will have to struggle to find a car collection that contends.

Forza 6 goes too far the other way, hurling new models at you so frequently that a vintage Ferrari or Lamborghini Aventador soon becomes just another motor in the garage.

Forza 6 never gives you the feeling that you have earned the fabulous collection in your garage, but we would rather Turn 10 erred on the side of over-generous than on the side of money-grabbing and stingy.


The fantastic visuals, great handling and fearsome drivatar AI make for spectacular, satisfying racing, with a new dimension added by the night-time and wet weather events.