oculus-samsung-gear vr

Samsung Gear VR Finally Gets Chromecast Support

Oculus is busy for giving more ways of enjoying entertainment and virtual reality experience. They want to show the people what virtual reality is? And by wearing a VR headset you will exactly enjoy the experience of gaming.

oculus-samsung-gear vr

Back in March, the Oculus launched a live-streaming platform in Facebook, and now today the company adds Chromecast support for the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset. With Chromecast support, you can stream virtual reality experience to their TVs. Just you have to go on oculus mobile app and hit the new cast button in order to enjoy the VR experience in your home with your family and friends.

Basically Google Chromecast is software that will let you share all the Gear VR experience from a smartphone to your smart TVs. Firstly, this feature was announced by the Google, when the company launched its DayDream View Virtual Reality Headset. Unfortunately, the company just said that their virtual reality headset will support Chromecast in near future, but the exact data and time has not announced yet. And still this feature is not coming to the Google VR headset, but it is expected that this feature will arrive for the Google headset at the end of this year.

Oculus takes advantage from them, and has recently announced the Chromecast support to the Gear VR, as I mentioned above. And the impressive thing which I like most about this announcement that this feature is available means you can use this from today. The announcement of the Chromecast support makes it easier for people whose want to experience the Gear VR experience on TV with their friends.