Scalebound – Enter The World Of Dragons

We have been fascinated by The Force that flows through the Stars Wars universe and moved by the tender friendship between Hiccup and Toothless in the island of How to Train Your Dragon. Now Platinum Games is going to combine them together in a new promising game, Scalebound. Scalebound is going to be an Xbox One exclusive; RPG fans should be pleased to ear that. Interestingly, Xbox cannot claim in his line-up any full RPG nonlinear gameplay, but Scalebound is going to fill this lack.


Gameplay & Story

Drew and Thuban are the protagonists Scalebound. Drew is a young loner. He is a common guy and like many of his age he wears headphones and feels invincible. However, Drew has something special, his arm is like the paw of a dragon and has the same type of scales as Thuban. Thuban is a lone dragon, the last of his kind. Nonetheless, to win the war, feeling is not enough.

You will need also to arm your mate and upgrade his ability to fight. You can customize Thuban through the orbits that you will be collecting after winning a combat. Scalebound will also characterize four players co-op. Each player will have his own fearsome companion and will get to fight with the others against Draconis’ evil empire. Scalebound is a full-scale nonlinear game that we find really promising. Its story-line is absorbing and developers Platinum Games are famous for thrilling combats. We are really curious to see if Scalebound will match our expectations.

For now, we can just hold our breath and dream about our fire-exhaling buddy. You will get to play Drew, but this doesn’t mean that Thuban will be a distant character or under your complete control. You’ll need to get to know your companion, built a relationship with him and let Thuban to trust you.


We know that it will available in “late September”; we reckon that you will be able to grab your Scalebound gameplay in Summer 2016.