star trek VR game

Ubisoft Teased Star Trek: Bridge Crew, The Franchise’s First VR Game

Ubisoft recently announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a four-player cooperative VR game. The game takes place in the Star Trek universe that is established by the JJ Abrams films, and it will be shown off during Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2016.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is the first virtual reality Star Trek game and looks to be everything you would hope for. We have had some great Star Trek command games in the past, and Artemis gave us the chance to work with friends as a starship crew, but this is the first ever real Star Trek game that will allow us to have that experience, and it is VR.

star trek VR game

The game takes place in the JJ Abrams movie universe as you and some friends crew a starship called the Aegis who’s mission is to find suitable new home world for the Vulcans. It’s a plot that centers on exploration and cooperation, and it is bound to lead to situations where you won’t know whether to raise shields and prepare for combat, or try to make first contact.

Bridge Crew will give players the experience of being on the bridge, activating warp drives and barking status updates to their crewmates. If the developer Red Storm can deliver an experience that lives up to the potential of this concept, so this could well be the most immersive Star Trek game ever released.

The game will arrive this fall and will support both the Vive and Rift on PCs and PlayStation VR.