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What Is the Best Sports Gaming Series of All Time?

This is a topic that each gamer will have their opinion of. There are so many great sports games out there, and there have been a number of good of series that have been developed. But which is the best? Here are my picks.

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NBA Street

For gamers who love basketball, there is only really one game that they should be playing. And that game is NBA Street. If you ask me, this game is infinitely more fun to play than EA’s ordinary NBA series. The street version is basically basketball on the street. But the player is much more free to have fun and try interesting trick shots. This is what makes the game so much fun to play. It isn’t worried about sticking to the professional reality of basketball so much, and that can be a relief.

NHL Hitz

If you’re a fan of Ice Hockey, there are few games that are better than NHL Hitz. The best thing about the game is how it manages to capture the rough and ready nature of NHL. There is nothing tame or mild about the sport, and you can say the same thing about the game. In fact, it goes over the top in many ways. It’s like a cartoon version of NHL, and that’s where some of the fun lies. It’s a game series that allows you to let out all the stress that you have inside after a day at the office.


The FIFA series is one of the most popular and widely played gaming series in history. It’s the kind of series that is anticipated around the world whenever the launch date for the new release is made public. There are not too many games you can say that about. This is the case because the football gameplay is second to none. There is no game that can even come close to what FIFA has to offer. And if you purchase the cheapest FIFA 16 Game Coins you can get, the experience is made more fun.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Tiger Woods might not be the top golfer that he was once regarded as. But the game series that was named after him remains the high point of golf games on any console. There are many imitators, but none of them really come close to challenging the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. They offer you that real experience of playing professional golf that no other games can manage to achieve. And the games were always better than the ones that came before them.

Need for Speed

We could leave it there without thinking about adding a car racing game. And of all the racing games that have been on gone throughout the years, Need for Speed is the best. There is something about this game that makes it more thrilling and exhilarating than all the rest. The strength of the series is that there are so many different options for gamers. Some of the games were great track racing games. But some of the other games in the series are about driving in an open world.