Streamline Your Office With These Top Technology Tips!

For any business, the office is the core nerve center or “hub” where everything gets managed. It’s a central location where organizational decisions get made. And it’s a place where one or one thousand people work on a daily basis.

We all know that there are some things that can cause productivity to take a nosedive in the office.


Are you finding that certain tasks don’t get done to your satisfaction because of delays or inefficiency?

If so, there are some ways that you can streamline what you do in the office. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out what those ways are in this handy how-to guide!


It doesn’t matter whether you use desktop or laptop computers. One thing is for certain: your systems just aren’t up to the task of running resource-hungry software! The ugly truth about computers is that they become obsolete within just a few months of purchase.

Of course, most businesses tend to keep their computer systems for a few years before their PCs start grinding to a halt! In an ideal world, you should replace your systems no longer than three years after you’ve bought them.

Do you find that the people in your office aren’t doing as much work as they could? If so, it’s usually because they are using slow, low-spec machines that aren’t up to the task. They have to “hang around” and wait for their applications to “do something.”

Find out what each person uses their systems for and replace those aging computers with newer, more suitable ones.

Printers and scanners

Those two groups of devices are always used by office workers on a daily basis. They get used for a variety of tasks. It’s likely your busy office will be printing and scanning stuff all the time.

On a similar note to PCs, you should make sure that the printers and scanners you use are modern, productive and energy efficient. And, with scanners, there is a way that you can streamline your office even further.

Optical character recognition software gets used to convert text in documents and images. When you scan something and run it through OCR software, it lets you edit the text that you’ve scanned in.

It’s a great way to save time as you don’t have to type lots of things in by hand anymore. There are lots of OCR software solutions on the market. Check out Konica for OCR, as an example.


Are you still sharing an 8Mbit ADSL broadband connection between twenty office workers? If so, it’s time you upgraded your Internet connection to one that’s faster and more appropriate for your office!

These days, fiber broadband is the way forward. Not only does it offer two and three-figure download speeds, it’s also affordable too. If your workers often send and receive large amounts of data, such as artwork files, a leased line might offer a better solution.

The thing about leased lines is the download and upload speeds don’t get affected by demand at the local exchange. You have guaranteed speeds, regardless of the time of day.

Now that you know the secrets to streamlining your office, it’s time to get busy!