Android O video apps will be able to put themselves into a Picture in Picture mode

Google has launched the developer preview version of its newest phone operating system. “Android O” continues to be in its early stages, but it is distinct from its predecessor in numerous ways that could change the way you engage with your Android.

One of the most substantial user-facing changes is the introduction of a picture in picture (PIP) alternative – much like an Apple iPad characteristic delivered in iOS 9 – which should make multitasking simpler in some situations. Apps that guide picture in picture (PIP) will assist you to keep looking a video even if being interrupted by some other app. as an instance, you can hold watching YouTube while additionally looking in which your Lyft driver is on a map without swapping among the two. The feature is similar Samsung’s multi-window help, but Android O will allow users set their very own component ratios, and you may get custom interplay buttons like play / pause to directly guide video display. “other new windowing capabilities encompass a new app overlay window for apps to use instead of system alert window, and multi-display aid for launching an interest on a faraway display,” Google says.


In addition, Android O makes a few low-level changes to the windowing system. There is a new overlay window for developers to use instead of the system alert window. That is a way to get a window on top of everything else where the user will see it. There is also support for launching activities on a secondary display. You can check out the specifics on the Android support site.

This early preview of Android O is available for free, but it is aimed squarely at developers (the software must be manually downloaded and flashed to your device). According to Google, there are more features coming.