Falabela Ultra

Choosing the Thinnest Cover for iPhone 6S

One of the most popular gadgets in this world now is the iPhone. Well if you own an iPhone and you want to keep it protected from the scratches at the back and also want to keep it stylish, then you should definitely get Falabela Ultra back cover for your IPhone. Now days, the most popular iPhone is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Its elegance is hidden inside its slim metallic design. If you are tired of those thick and heavy covers that make the phone heavy and thick also then Falabela Ultra is the perfect choice as it is considered as the best among thin iPhone cases available in the market. This stylish case has got beautiful and calculated cutout holes for the buttons that allows you to press each button very easily.

Falabela UltraScratches are one major problem that most peole face with their iPhones. This ultrathin back cover provides complete protection from scratches and also protects the sides of your phone when it falls down.

It is made of silicone which means it is very flexible and can be easily folded without breaking. The style provided is transparent and Novelty. This thin iPhone 6s cover is available in a lot of different designs which help making your iPhone really cool and attractive. Different painting designs give it a classy look.

Are you choosy with the colors? Don’t worry because the color of this case is multi which gives it a really cool look.

The price of this iPhone cover is just $10.28. The regular price was $23.55 but it is going cheap with a discount of 56% which is really nice.

So if you are interested to get a really stylish and a good cover for your new iPhone then Falabela Ultra can be your perfect choice. Its ultrathin and extremely light design will keep your phone weightless and also stylish.