Experience the power of The Force with the Kai Gesture Based Gaming Controller

Meet the Kai gesture controller: a smart wearable tool that tracks your hand movements and lets you control your games and apps with gestures. you could scroll, pick, and do everything in among with a flick of your palms. Kai can pair to your devices thru Bluetooth. It has a SDK for builders too.

Kai Gesture Controller Features

Supplying you with superpower-like capability, this wearable tool tracks your hand movements and translates them into digital interactions. This wearable device is the appropriate companion to all your creative desires. From video editing to 3D layout to gaming, KAI turns into as interactive as your reality. Via wearing Kai, you can scroll, select, swipe, point and pinch by using truly waving your hand or flicking your finger. You may take charge of your favourite video games and apps. Likewise, you could edit pictures or movies, play video games or simply adjust the volume with easy hand motions. The patent-pending tech tracks your palms for accurate controls, though you can also personalize your controls and pair it with any app. Kai effortlessly pairs with your tool through Bluetooth and is well suited with Mac or windows computer systems. It even works along with your Android VR headset or drone. Furthermore, Kai fits effectively for your palm, permitting you to apply your mouse, keyboard, and the KAI seamlessly.

Kai is ready for virtual reality games. It has a control center app that lets you create and update gesture-based controls. The battery lasts up to 8 hours.


Kai Gesture Controller Price

With the Indiegogo campaign planned for the end of March, Warrier wants to promote the product and drum up international attention, and he believes that with the interest in VR and AR, there’s a market that’s emerging now around the world. The campaign will price units at between $100 and $129 with a target of $50,000 for the total campaign.