eTrax Touch 25

Garmin eTrax Touch 25: Incredible GPS Device

The Garmin eTrex Touch 25 is an open air GPS gadget went for families who like to share in trekking and other such outside exercises. This tough gadget is likewise gone for recreation cyclists, and has an angling capacity as well. Installed you will locate a full-shading touchscreen, pre-loaded maps, and the office to include discretionary and custom maps.

eTrax Touch 25

Brilliant silicone external housings are likewise accessible as a discretionary additional. Garmin’s climbing GPS units have a tendency to be entirely genuine in outline, however thankfully, the eTrex Touch 25 withdraws from this standard a bit.

It remains sturdily constructed, with an IPX7 water rating, which implies it can withstand submersion in up to 1-m of water for up to 30 minutes. Garmin has included a light blue outskirt around the screen sash and the battery compartment at the back for the gadget. Microsoft Band 2 has GPS as well, but it sucks more power than eTrax Touch 25.

The battery compartment takes a couple of AA batteries, which are excluded. It is likewise important that in spite of the fact that the USB port self discipline the gadget, it doesn’t revive any introduced batteries. This will must be performed by means of an outside charger. This spreads 46 nations, and is joined by a pre-loaded database of 250,000 Geocaches, of which more a touch later.

There is likewise a world basecamp, and demos of the BirdsEye Select and Digital Globe maps for point by point OS mapping and satellite symbolism. To include further maps, utilize Garmin’s Basecamp programming, yet just for a desktop. Both MacOS and Windows forms are accessible, all things considered.

This additionally gives you a chance to spare out tracks and way points from the gadget. There is no Bluetooth or WiFi, in any case just USB, so the cell phone variant of Basecamp will not be a choice. You can likewise utilize the USB association with Garmin Express to redesign the gadget firmware.


The Garmin eTrex Touch 25 has all the fundamental attributes, an agreeable interface, and a sharp cost for family outside GPS fun.