GE voice-controlled lamp

GE Has Built A New Voice-Controlled, LED “Smart” Lamp

GE debuted the first stand-alone LED table lamp embedded with the Amazon Alexa Voice Service. This futuristic-looking lamp has a modern vibe, along with a glowing LED-filled circular tube on a small gray base.

Amazon opened up the technology to third party developers in 2015 through a program called Alexa Voice Service. GE simply took advantage of it, and making this first lighting device to embed Alexa’s voice technology.

GE voice-controlled lamp
GE voice-controlled lamp

The lamp functions more or less like any Echo device would. It includes an always-on microphones listening for commands and questions, and when it hears one, it will react or speak out a response through its built-in speakers. Do not expect those speakers to be great for music, though; a representative said they would be close in quality to the Echo Dot’s speakers, which we said were enough to ‘be used in a pinch to play music.’

The voice-controlled table lamp has microphones as well as speaker, so that a homeowner can simply say ‘lights off’ or ‘lights on’ to control the lighting, as well as it give additional Alexa commands, such as asking about latest headlines or asking about weather. Consumers will be able to pre-order the lamp in the early 2017, with delivery by the second quarter of the year.

You can use Alexa to turn the C’s own lamp, that will be incredibly useful when you are fumbling around in the dark. And of course, Alexa integrates with other third-party lighting solutions like Philips Hue bulbs, that means you could conceivably turn on the lights all over your house by barking at your lamp.

GE says the lamp design we’re seeing today isn’t final, but it’s supposed to be very close to the final product, which should only see tweaks to the dimensions of what is being presented here.