Google and Lenovo launched the first Google Assistant-powered Smart Display

Lenovo will ready to ships the first Google Assistant smart display next weekend, marking the start of a new variety of products that would subsequently consist of a number of Echo display’s staunchest opponents. similar to what Echo show does, Google’s clever presentations will provide you with a way to interact with the tech large’s voice assistant in a visual way. We first met the brand new gadgets at CES this year, in which we were inspired with their capability to instantly show maps and ship them in your smartphone whilst you ask for directions. Certainly beats listening and trying to visualize them.

Here’s another example where a smart show may be a lot easier to apply than smart speaker: Assistant will also offer a step-by-step visible aid for recipes you look up that you may follow on screen. Plus, the tool can present a visual summary of the climate, come up with way to create and control to-do lists and show you audio tracks you may concentrate to in preference to randomly playing a music. In case you’re a visual person, this new category will virtually sound greater attractive than smart audio system.

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Features

As stated, you likely won’t be amazed with what these things can do — due to the fact they are Google Assistant-powered in the end. You could say “ok Google” to do such things as set timers, get quick tidbits of facts from the know-how Graph, concentrate to tune, control your smart home devices, and more, all now with an accompanying visual component.

But there are also new use cases which can be rising with these smart presentations. For one, you could play content from YouTube, YouTube tv, HBO Now, Google Play movies, and extra. In fact, Google notes that with each smart display purchase, new subscribers will get three free months of YouTube premium.

Some other use case with the intention to likely grow to be popular can be recipes. The kitchen looks as if the most apparent location in your house that might benefit from every other display, and you may use that display screen to effortlessly browse a plethora of recipes and stroll via them step by step.

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Price

As was announced earlier this year, the Lenovo Smart Display is going to be available in two sizes. There’s the base 8-inch HD version for $199.99, and another, slightly larger version that’s 10-inch and Full-HD for $249.99.