How Vinyl Can Save Your iPhone

When you hear the word ‘vinyl’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people will think of it as a material used in household renovations. It’s a cost-effective flooring option or a way to ensure the proper seal at doors and windows. But not many people are aware of its secondary application, which is its function as a way to protect your phone. Yes, vinyl, affordable and unassuming, can take on the worst your phone sees in daily use and save it from damage.


These are big claims, considering how much your use your iPhone. Far from just a way to call and text people, your 6s has replaced your computer in many ways. You use it to schedule important meetings into your calendar, to research the best route home to avoid traffic, to look up the nearest café with WiFi. It’s in and out of your pocket, purse, or bag regularly throughout the day, and depending on where your life takes you, it can be put through the ringer. It’s not unusual for your iPhone to encounter sharp objects, rough surfaces, and precarious situations that threaten its sleek and sophisticated design. Even worse, where you take it and how you care for it can affect how well it functions.

When you’ve paid the big bucks for the latest generation, you can’t let something like a keychain score a huge line through its backing, nor can you let slippery fingers drop it to the floor where it will most assuredly break. That’s where vinyl comes in. Innovative engineers have processed this material into protective skins and decals iPhone users can trust to defend against these situations. Engineers, like those that you can find at dbrand, have cornered the market on slim yet durable vinyl that protects against scrapes, scratches, and dents. The iPhone skins and decals from dbrand are even grime-resistant and waterproof. That means they’re equally protected against dirty fingers as they are spilled mugs of coffee.

The unique texture of an iPhone skin creates a better grip for your palm. This added purchase lowers the chances of your phone slipping between your fingers to greet the ground with a smash. But the texture isn’t just to enhance the traction of your fingerprints. It’s also a fashion accessory, as the engineers at companies like dbrand moonlight as designers. They’ve created a decal that can take on cool styles that feature your favorite colors and textures. It makes it possible to create a phone that looks like it’s been carved out of concrete or zebra wood. Far away from the sleek minimalism of Apple, it can take on something entirely unique to your personality.

Though vinyl may not be your first thought when looking for protection, but it should be. It’s a lightweight, durable, and versatile addition to your phone that saves it from the perils of everyday use. Forget about your prejudices and embrace what vinyl can do for you when it’s made into an iPhone 6s decal. Your phone will thank you!