KODAK Mini Shot

Instantly share your memories with the Kodak Mini SHOT Wireless Instant Print Camera

The $99.95 Kodak Printomatic is one of the most inexpensive digital instant cameras on the market but now the budget cam has a large brother with some extra functions. The Kodak Mini Shot is a compact digital digicam with a integrated printer and not like the price range choice, the digital camera includes an LCD display and Bluetooth connectivity.

KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera Features

This digital camera is compact enough to fit on your pocket with an ease so you can bring it anywhere. Complete with a 1.7-inch LCD viewfinder display, you may reap the best selfies for your adventures. Most stunning of all, the Mini SHOT contains a integrated printer system. This lets in you to move from factor and capturing the 10 MP camera to conserving your pix in only seconds. The Mini SHOT connects for your cellphone via Bluetooth so you also can print the pix already to your tool. Similarly, you can use the Kodak app for exceptional-tuning each of your pics. It offers you control over the white balance, gamma correction, and more.

KODAK Mini Shot


The Mini Shot additionally consists of Bluetooth connectivity, this means that photographers can edit those shots before printing by the use of the Kodak Mini Shot app (available for iOS and Android) then sending the file again to the digital camera. The app additionally allows customers to trigger a photo remotely and also can print photographs that were shot at the smartphone.

KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera Price

It’s far a quite basic immediately print digital camera and has a quite primary price tag to in shape. The KODAK Mini Shot on the spot Print digital camera which is obtainable in black, yellow and white colors, is up on Amazon for only $99.99 USD and is derived with an 8-pack all-in-one 4Pass image print cartridge. 4Pass photograph Paper, however, is bought one after the other.