Microsoft Band 2: Brilliant Wearable

The Band has averaged to being a decent device despite its faults. Its 10 sensors and performance have been praised while its overall look and comfort have been points of contention. The Microsoft Band 2 should fix these issues. It is being expected that, a new Surface Pro 4 and Lumia mobile devices for Microsoft’s October 6 event but with the Microsoft Band about to hit its one year anniversary.Microsoft-Band-2  The Redmond wearables team has kept its lips zipped for a long time there is barely any juicy rumors about the Microsoft Band 2. The rest of the reports suggests there’ll be new buttons as well as a metallic frame around the display.

The biggest hint about the new device comes from a recently leaked image that supposedly shows a different design with mentions of amended performance. The 10 sensors found in the first wearable optical heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelero-meter, gyro-meter, GPS, ambient light sensor, skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, capacitive sensor, microphone and a galvanic skin response sensor will also maybe show up again in the second device.

The display of the Microsoft Band 2 might be curved much like the Samsung Gear Fit fitness tracker. Unlike Samsung’s device, Microsoft will maybe make a smaller, more form fitting wearable to keep it simpler and comfy. The touch screen should also make a return if Microsoft is smart. The lack of a touch screen just makes the device feel unnatural and a bit inconvenient.

It is unlikely the Microsoft Band 2 will stray from this particularly with all the sensors and a color touch screen included. Two days is the average battery life of most smartwatches and fitness trackers with color screens that also serve as notification centers. The inclusion of GPS also sucks up power.

Windows 10 has been released for many devices now and it’ll even be compatible with the Xbox One and HoloLens. It makes sense that Microsoft’s latest fitness tracker will have W10 incorporated.

The Microsoft Band is reasonably priced at $199, so it is safe to assume the Microsoft Band 2 will go the same route. If there are different size options announced, pricing tiers might be introduced with the larger size costing more.