Motorola’s VerveOnes+ Wireless Earbuds Which Are Truly Wireless

Motorola unveiled VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds that debuted at Mobile World Congress and now on sale this month, they start at $200, and they skip the things like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking.

These are truly wireless, existing as two independent pods which you wedge into your ear holes, with no wires or headband to be found.

VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds

A fully-waterproof pair of wireless earbuds, it is designed to keep out sweat, rain, and even immersion in up to three feet of water. That way, you can enjoy your music while running, hiking, or cycling, regardless of the weather. Heck, you can even keep listening while cleaning up in the shower.

The package includes two wireless earbuds and a charging case, which you’ll unfortunately need to keep close at your hand most of the time. The Hubble Connect companion app for Android and iOS gives you a place to customize the settings, but the buds need to be inside the case in order for the app to connect with them. Without the app, you can still control the playback, select EQ presets and connect to Google Now or Siri through simple button presses. If you misplace the buds, the app also help locate the last place they were synced, which is helpful, if only a bit.

The VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds come in an orange and black tube-shaped plastic storage container that not only protects the earbuds while they’re not being used, but it charges them too.

The earbuds will play about 3.5 hours per charge.