mprove your presentations with the Luxtude Multifunctional Presenter Remote

The use of integrated laser pointer and PowerPoint/Keynote USB manage pen, Luxtude wireless presenter facilitates you absolutely dominate your presentation, and integrated voice recorder and power bank and microSD card slot deliver you extra functions.

Offering a 5-in-1 layout, this device combines a presenter, laser pointer, audio recorder, flash power and power bank in one. Designed to help you experience assured and in control at some stage in any assembly, Luxtude offers a 30-meter range on the remote control functions. Likewise, the laser pointer works at the same distance, supplying you with the liberty to walk around in big spaces. The incorporated audio recorder also is available in accessible while you need to file your own or any other person’s ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, you can increase the integrated flash drive ability as much as 32GB using a microSD memory card. For recharging on the go, the Luxtude remote comes with a integrated 1250mAh power bank.

Luxtude 5-In-1 Wireless Presenter Design

That is a nicely-designed, multi-functional wired-free presenter that measures 4.9 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches and weighs 5 ounces. As we will see from the pics, the presentation remote shows off an fashionable and minimal look layout, and the compact form component permits you to take it with you everywhere. Meanwhile, the ergonomic contours permit you to with ease keep it in your hand.


Luxtude 5-In-1 Wireless Presenter Features

The wireless presenter works with Windows and MacOS and supports PowerPoint and Keynote. Using the classic rounded control panel, the wireless presenter allows you to remotely control your presentation, and built-in bright red laser pointer lets you effortlessly present the most important content on the page.

Furthermore, it features a built-in microSD card slot that supports up to 30GB storage capacity. When you connects with your computer, it serves as a USB drive. Using your memory card and integrated audio recorder, it’s able to record up to 350 hours of audio, and using its audio output, it works as a MP3 player. Moreover, the presenter comes equipped with 1250mAh rechargeable battery so you can use it as a portable power bank to charge your smartphone on the move.

Luxtude 5-In-1 Wireless Presenter Price

The 5-in-1 wireless presenter is priced at $29.99 USD. If you are really interested, then simply jump to the Amazon page for its more details.