Plantronics Backbeat Sense – Feel The Music

The Plantronics BackBeat Sense is a great-looking, lightweight over-ear offering that boasts brilliant Bluetooth connectivity. This is Plantronics second stab at over-ear headphones. The first was 2014’s Plantronics BackBeat Pro.


While sound quality was exceptional it came with a few caveats  the headphones were bulky and heavy, really made for home or office use, and this also meant they were pricey.

On the stainless steel headband, there is some super soft leatherette material which is also used to cover the memory foam ear pads. It feels and looks great, does not warm up your ears like some other ‘phones and there is emphatically no pinching to be felt.

There is a nub on the top that you flick forward to turn up the volume and back to reduce the audio. On the bottom is a red button which switches off the music and allows you to listen in to your surroundings.

The design of the controls will be familiar to anyone who has use a pair of Philips Fidelio headphones this is no bad thing as it means that everything is well laid out and easy to use. It is attached to the headband is a pair of hardy plastic arms that lead down to the circular controls on both the left and the right of the devices.

The Plantronics BackBeat Sense are wireless, which means you can attach them to a mobile device through Bluetooth. Underneath is a 3.5-mm jack for those that want to be tethered and a microUSB slot for charging.

In the box you get a really nice carry case and a microUSB lead for charging the headphones, also some cable just in case you run out of battery.  The headphones use Bluetooth v4.0 and just to show off its prowess in this area, Plantronics has made it so that the signal can reach up to 330 metres. That’s 10x the normal range.


The BackBeat Sense are simple to setup and sound is perfect as well, for the price it is expansive and loud.