Q1 smart pet feeder delivers a healthier way to feed your dog or cat

Remotely feed your cat or dog in a smart and healthy way with the Q1 smart automatic pet Feeder. This tool offers an efficient way to feed your pet irrespective of wherein you are. Using the app, the Q1 smart pet Feeder allows you to give your puppy the right quantity of food at the right time. Whole with three feeding modes, the feeder allows you to preset a customized daily feeding plan. You can also add an additional portion or meal manually on the feeder or through the app. The feeder even lets in you to pick among everyday and sluggish dispensing speeds. Further, the automatic feeder presents an ergonomic ingesting function this is healthy in your puppy’s backbone. Plus, it guarantees that your puppy’s meals remains sparkling and is competently saved. ultimately, the Q1 smart automated puppy Feeder information your puppy’s ingesting behavior so that you can preserve an eye fixed in your great friend.

Q1 Smart Pet Feeder Design

The Q1 is a properly-designed and superior smart puppy feeder that measures 15.35 x 9.34 x 16.59 inches and weighs 7 lbs. As we are able to see from the pics, the pet feeder sports activities a adorable pet-inspired look design, and the white outdoors lets in it to mixture nicely with any interior styles. In the meantime, the Q1 is crafted from meals-grade substances to make sure that the best and freshness of your puppy’s meals are in no way compromised.

Q1 Smart Pet Feeder Features

Built-in WiFi connectivity allows the smart treat dispenser to always keeps communication with your smartphone wherever you’re, so you can remotely feed your dog or cat using its custom app, and the companion app allows you to switch from normal and slow dispensing speed modes. Under the slow mode, your Q1 will push out your pet’s meal in increments of one section every 3 minutes, so your pet will have to slow down as the meal will be dispensed slowly.

Furthermore, the smart pet feeder comes equipped with a weight sensor that accurately calculates the perfect output. Using its app, you can know exactly the amount of food that’s in storage indicating how many days of food are left in storage. And you will receive notifications when needing to refill the storage. Moreover, the stainless steel feeding bowl features a flat sloping design that allows any dog or cat to eat in a healthy position.

Q1 Smart Pet Feeder Price

The team behind the Q1 is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $129 to preorder the smart pet feeder. It will be shipped in February 2019.