Samsung New Mobile Accessories

Samsung Now Plans To Release A New Mobile Accessories

Samsung is ready to sell a range of a new mobile accessories, available exclusively online, will be rolled out in markets worldwide in November.

Samsung launched earlier this year six new mobile accessories for its line of smartphones in South Korea. In a recent announcement, Samsung has decided to bring those new gadgets to the rest of the world. The accessories will be available, however, as online exclusives.

The six accessories – currently available in Korea – range from wireless speakers and earphones to the charging accessories. Designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, the exclusive items were created to the both enhance users’ mobile experience and help them get more out of their devices.

Samsung New Mobile Accessories
new mobile accessories

Among the first of devices Samsung announced is its Wireless Speaker Bottle design , which combines 360-degree audio with the multi-color LEDs that can be adjusted by simply ‘pouring’ the bottle-shaped speaker.

The Wireless Speaker Bottle design is the first of the six Samsung devices to hit the company’s online store, and retails for $69.99.

Also announced was the Wireless Charger Tray design, that allows up to two devices compatible with wireless charging to fill up at once, along with a third able to tack on with a regular cable thanks to the Tray’s spare USB port.

If you prefer classic, wired mobile accessories, then the company offers a Battery Pack Kettle which you can use to charge a variety of devices. The accessory will come in two versions, a 5,100mAh one costing around $26, and a larger 10,200 mAh battery pack priced at $35. One way to use the ‘kettle’ is to power Samsung’s upcoming USB LED Light, a portable lamp costing only $9.99.

The last accessory is the In-ear Headphone Rectangle which claims It has tangle-proof cable besides offering a good sound experience. All the showcased mobile accessories will be available starting in November.