SCOSCHE’s Brand New BoomBottle H20+ Outdoor Speakers

SCOSCHE revealed a speaker that should meet the needs of many. The BoomBottle H20+ is IP67 waterproof rated, meaning you can take it in a pool — yes it even floats! Mountain-bikers and other bicyclists should appreciate the cylindrical design, as it can easily fit in most water bottle mounts/cages. While it is obviously designed for those with active lifestyles, it can be enjoyed by anyone looking for solidly built wireless speaker.

The BoomBottle H20+ is part of their boombottle series of outdoor speakers and it offers high-quality audio with up-firing Omni-directional sound. The rechargeable speaker provides up to the 11 hours of playing time, is rugged and durable.

BoomBottle H20+

Like the other BoomBottle series speakers, the new BoomBottle H2O+ offers multidirectional sound, which is a big part of the reason behind its cylindrical shape. The speaker features a 12W amp powering an upward-firing 50-mm driver and passive subwoofer.

The speaker features an LED indicator so you can easily check the battery level before grabbing the speaker for the day. Like most portable Bluetooth speakers, this model charges via the Micro USB, and as a bonus it comes with a patent pending EZTIP Micro USB cable, that uses a reversible connector, meaning you don’t have to worry about plugging it in the wrong way.

There are integrated front panel control buttons that enable you to play/pause music and skip tracks, while EQ functionality helps enrich the sound quality when outdoors

The Scosche BoomBottle H2O+ comes in Gold/Black, or Tech Sport Blue color, Space Gray/Black, Tech Sport Gray variety, and retails for $130.