SuperTank high-capacity power bank is powerful enough to charge up to four devices at the same time

Portable chargers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and whilst they’re super to have while you’re at the move, they’re all fairly comparable in phrases of layout. That’s because these reachable devices make use of quite easy generation: A portable charger, or “power bank,” is essentially little extra than an external battery that you use to power up your cellphone or other mobile device when it’s going for running low.

Zendure, maker of the new SuperTank portable charger, hopes to shake things up a piece. Its revolutionary new power bank is large and fast sufficient to charge up even large devices like laptops (and do it fast). There is obviously a name for for it: The SuperTank’s hugely a hit Indiegogo crowdfunding drive has raised extra than half a million bucks so far, a whopping 1,845 percent of its unique funding goal.

SuperTank High-Capacity Power Bank Design

The SuperTank is a powerful and versatile portable charger that measures 4.7 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches and weighs 1.06 pounds. As we can see from the images, the charger shows off a sleek, elegant casing inspired by a suitcase, along with two classic color options: black and silver. Meanwhile, the casing is made from polycarbonate and ABS for a durable construction, and the integrated support ridges provides enhanced strength to resist warping.

SuperTank High-Capacity Power Bank Features

The portable power bank comes equipped with 27,000mAh battery capacity, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports with 138W total output in order to charge up to four devices simultaneously. Its X-Charge low-power mode is designed to charge various wearable devices. Furthermore, up to 100W USB-C input and up to 60W USB-C output ensure it charges your laptop or recharge itself at full speed. Integrated pass-through charging is ideal to keep the portable charger at full capacity.

Moreover, the high-capacity power bank also features nine-layer safety protection and premium power cells for ultimate safe charging. The integrated LED screen precisely shows you the battery level. In addition, using a PD Direction switch, you can turn PD feature on or off according to demand, and its UPS mode with pass-through charging prevent your device from reboot or losing data caused by short interruptions of power.

SuperTank High-Capacity Power Bank Price

The team behind SuperTank is raising for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $89 to preorder the high-capacity portable power bank. It will be shipped in May 2019.