TomTom Touch: A New Activity Tracker That Can Actually Measure Your BMI

TomTom unveiled a trio of new wearables, including its first fitness tracker. Unlike other similar devices, the new TomTom Touch has one feature which particularly stands out: it can analyze your body composition. That’s something you typically only see on smart scales, so it is interesting to see TomTom bring this over to a fitness tracker. Not only does the Touch show you muscle percentage and body fat, but it also monitors your heart rate continuously, as well as count your calories and steps.

The Touch has a similar design to the Gear Fit and a similar shape to the Fitbit Alta with the tracker having a small screen that notify you of how many steps you’ve done and other important data, like the time and smartphone notifications.


The Touch calculates the amount of time it takes for a signal to make it through upper portion of your body and return to the device, and using that data it can estimate your body fat and muscle mass percentages. You just need two points of skin contact to perform bioelectrical impedance analysis — one of those is the strip of the sensors on the underside of the Touch, and for the other one you have to rest your finger on the Touch’s silver button (that you also use to wake the screen).

When the TomTom Touch hits stores next week, it will sell for $130. That is a good price for a fitness tracker with both heart-rate monitoring and body composition analysis.