WhatsApp Update – Siri Can Now Read Your Messages

Anyone who want to use their iPhone without touching it, they definitely use Apple voice assistant Siri that will fulfill their voice commands. But for messaging, you have to use your phone and text to someone and read their messages by yourself. Now the new update will doing this for you, Siri has bring another new feature for IOS users.


Siri – apple voice assistant can read out WhatsApp text messages, reply to them and send new message to people in your WhatsApp contact list without touching your iPhone. Siri is also being able to call people through WhatsApp by using a Wi-Fi or data connection. It is helpful in some situations, such as when you are driving and busy, and your hand is unclean and you don’t want to touch your phone with dirty hands.

For using this new feature, you just say “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message,” and the Siri will read out your message along with contact name, or if the number is not save then the Siri will read out phone number. Amazing thing, you can also send messages, or reply the person by using your voice as well, plus if you have more than one message, Siri will ask you to respond to each separately.

Another notable thing, if you read already your message, so the Siri will not be able to read aloud your message, it will only read unseen message. This new feature only works on Apple devices running versions of IOS 10.3 software and WhatsApp version 2.17.20, which was recently updated on Friday 21 April, to activate this feature installed new version of WhatsApp into your phone. When installation has completed, you will also need to give Siri permission to use WhatsApp.