Xiaomi Mi VR Will Be Replacing The Mi VR Play

Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 flagship smartphone has been launched in Beijing, China. Xiaomi’s new Mi Note 2 smartphone comes with a flexible OLED display, and a 3D curved glass on both sides. Xiaomi also announced a Mi VR headset, which will work with its new Mi Note 2 and Mi 5 smartphone series. Xiaomi also showcased a new prototype smartphone called Xiaomi Mix.

The new headset looks quite different from its predecessor Mi VR Play, along with an additional flap on the top. The odd flap is presumably there so that the new headset feels more comfortable while wearing. The Xiaomi Mi VR carries an impressive price tag of RMB 200 ($30).

Mi VR headset

Apart from the price, there are some other noticeable things in the Mi VR headset. The company says that the new headset comes with ‘hardware-level’ motion sensor, resulting in the improved latency of up to 16ms. The low latency combined with high-end smartphone would ensure that you won’t get motion sickness, which is the case with the most VR headsets when you use them for more than a few minutes.

Once the phone’s slotted into the front of the headset, then visit Xiaomi’s own app store to find a selection of apps and videos made for the device. The numbers are not big yet — around 30 apps and 500 videos — but about 200 developers are registered to create more, so expect a wider choice in the near future.

Xiaomi charging the local equivalent of just $30 for the Mi VR, which is less than half the cost of the Gear VR. The design is apparently rather shamelessly ripped from the Sony, should be more comfortable too, judging by the PlayStation VR’s headset. the release date has not been announced, but we aren’t expecting it to be sold outside China for now, especially considering the devices operate the headset can’t be officially purchased internationally either.