ASUS X99 and Rog stirx motherboard

Asus Unveiled Four New X99 Chipset Motherboards

ASUS revealed four new additions to its range of premium motherboards with the launch of the ASUS Signature X99-Deluxe II, X99-A II and X99-E, and ROG Strix X99 Gaming as additions to the lineup of ROG Strix series motherboards.
ASUS X99 and Rog stirx motherboard

This new motherboard locked and loaded for Intel’s upcoming Core i7 processors for socket LGA 2011-v3. Among the latest additions are three X99 Signature series motherboards and first ever ROG Strix mobo dubbed ROG Strix X99 Gaming. The ROG Strix X99 Gaming is most feature rich of the bunch with gaming amenities like shielded SupremeFX and Sonic Radar II audio, and Intel Ethernet.

The ASUS ROG STRIX X99 Gaming motherboard will utilize the same LGA 2011-3 socket as previous ASUS X99 motherboards, as well as the similar Intel chipset. The main differences to prior X99 boards are from a connectivity and feature perspective – ASUS is updating its X99 offerings to the same standard as its Z170 portfolio. These latest series motherboards from ASUS are effectively an “X99 Refresh”, ASUS did a similar thing with X79 when a number of boards were overhauled, the most relevant example when the Rampage IV Extreme was revamped to the Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition.

Additionally, the connectivity options have been overhauled, U.2 and USB 3.1 both make an appearance whereas these connectivity opt were absent from previous ASUS X99 motherboards . It should be noted ASUS did issue a USB 3.1 SKU of many X99 motherboards, however, these still need U.2 support and the USB 3.1 was introduced by way of a PCIe expansion card. With the ROG STRIX X99 Gaming both are latest connectivity options built into the motherboard’s design.