Asus X99 Motherboards

Asus X99 Motherboards Acquire EK Monoblock Treatment

EK Water Blocks has been discharging a constant flow of new items for a while now. Over the mid year, the organization began fiddling with a genuinely new item classification. It wasn’t the first run through EKWB had discharged a monoblock, however it positively wasn’t a well known arrangement.

Asus X99 Motherboards

Nowadays, the organization is finding that an ever increasing amount, clients are taking a gander at Monoblocks for their constructs, and the organization has been putting vigorously in this class. It even said there are two all the more preceding the end of the year. The most recent discharge is the EK-FB ASUS X99 Monoblock composed with Asus to fit on four of Asus’ X99 motherboards.

EKWB designed the monoblock to reach the VRM modules and mount specifically to the LGA2011v3 attachment. The organization said it bolsters all Haswell E processors and the up and coming Broadwell E CPUs. The square takes after EKWB’s average water piece outline.

The organization said it includes the EK-Supremacy EVO cooling motor innovation that the greater part of its momentum water squares highlight, and the high stream development that permits it to be utilized with low fueled water pumps. EKWB develops the greater part of its pieces with the same material choices.

The base is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper, and EKWB is putting forth two alternatives for the main: a strong dark top made of great POM Acetal, and a reasonable top made from acrylic glass. EK Water Blocks said in its public statement that the EK-FC ASUS X99 Monoblock bolsters four motherboards, nevertheless in fact it really underpins seven in the event that you number amendments.

The official declaration recorded the accompanying sheets, yet three of them have two bolstered variants as indicated by EKWB’s Cooling Configurator. The Asus X99 A, X99-DELUXE and X99-PRO motherboards have USB 3.1 variations right now available, however the past releases that do not have the most recent USB particular are upheld, also.

The EK-FB X99 Monoblock is promptly accessible through the EK Webshop and the organization’s system of re-merchants. Both renditions convey the same $136.99 sticker price.