Gigabyte X99-SLI Motherboard

Gigabyte New Ultra Durable X99-SLI Motherboard

Gigabyte technology, world’s top manufacturer of motherboard and graphic card, just announce to gets world’s first Intel thunderbolt 3 certified X99-SLI motherboard. Gigabyte technology has come out with G1 Gaming, SOC Overclocking, and Ultra Durable lines. While each of board is specifically targeted towards gamers, overclockers, or power users, the boards cross above into each other’s domains.

Their overclocking boards carry upgraded audio and their gaming boards carry overclocking specification, while their main series carries both.

Gigabyte X99-SLI Motherboard

GIGABYTE GA-X99P-SLI motherboard features thunderbolt ready, it support new intel core i7 processor extreme edition that help in 3D gaming, intensive graphics tasks, multimedia production in standard computer level. It also support DDR4 XMO up to 3333MHz that provide lower power draw and faster transfer rates

Other key features are that the X99-SLI motherboard has turbo M.2 technology for SSD drive and Wi-Fi card that increase transfer speed up to 32 Gb/s. X99-SLI maximum memory supported is 128GB . This sleekest motherboard has Two separate places for front-panel USB 3.0 port support, in addition to USB 2.0.

A lot of high-end hardware on this motherboard including quad-GPU capability, up to six drives in a RAID configuration, headphones amplifier. All digital power design that utilizes Rectifiers PowlRstage MOSFETs and 4th generation Digital PWM controllers. The board itself is built like a tank and has a very amazing look. This is one of most affordable X99 motherboards you can purchase. If you are interested to buy this X99-SLI that is now available in the market or you can directly purchase it from the website.