Gigabyte Releases Seven New Gpu Servers To Power Your Next Ai Breakthrough

For the past few years GIGABYTE has established an enviable reputation as an industry leader in high performance accelerated computing platforms, by continuously building new systems based that feature the highest GPU density available in the market, combined with excellent cooling performance, power efficiency and expansion flexibility.

GIGABYTE is now pleased to welcome another seven new products to join our G-Series GPU server family, and continue setting the pace in the industry as a leader in GPU computing platforms:

New 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ Based GPU Servers

GIGABYTE is proud add five more systems to our 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ powered server lineup, bringing to a total of 28 systems that GIGABYTE has released so far this year since the release of 2nd Gen EPYC in August – including rack servers, edge servers, GPU servers and high density 2U 4 node servers – and firmly establishing GIGABYTE’s position as the system vendor with the most complete and diverse 2nd Gen EPYC system lineups on the market.

G292-Z22 / G292-Z42: Maximum GPU Density in the Smallest Footprint

The G291 Series has been one of GIGABYTE’s most popular GPU server platforms, with an ingenious design that allows for a maximum density of 8 GPGPU cards in a 2U chassis. The chassis design features four huge GPU bays, with two on each side of the server. Four large riser cards, which are easily inserted into or removed from each bay via lie flat handles, accommodate two dual-width GPGPU cards each, making the system able to accommodate eight dual-width GPGPU cards in total. This chassis design is not only perfectly optimized for GPU density but also cooling, as the bays on each side of the server become airflow tunnels with air pulled / pushed through from both front and rear located fans.

T181-Z70: “RACKLUTION-OP” GPU Server Node

RACKLUTION-OP is GIGABYTE’s server product line based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) Standards, designed for a 21” OCP rack and featuring a separate PSU system, with power supplied to each server node by a bus-bar system running along the rear of the rack. The Open Rack standards have designed to create more efficient, flexible, and scalable datacenter hardware, such as improving rack / node density, better power efficiency and easier maintenance by centralizing power supplies, and so on. RACKLUTION-OP products are also ideal for converged server applications or to build software defined data centers.

Easy & Powerful Management Tools

All GIGABYTE servers include GIGABYTE Management Console as standard, which is based on an AMI MegaRAC SP-X web-browser based platform and is compliant with the latest standards of Redfish API. GIGABYTE Management Console is also notable in providing HTML5-based iKVM remote management client as a standard feature, with no additional add-on license required to purchase. Also available as a free download is GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM), GIGABYTE’s multiple server remote management software platform, and includes both a desktop and mobile APP