NEC Cyber Intelligence

NEC Reinforces Cyber Intelligence

NEC Corporation and Infosec Corporation (Infosec), an NEC subsidiary and leader in the information security field, today announced a partnership with the US-based cyber attack information service provider Norse Corporation (Norse). Through this alliance, the companies aim to align technologies and human resources in their cyber security businesses and bolster cyber intelligence as an important source of information.

NEC Cyber Intelligence

NEC has made strides in strengthening cyber intelligence by predicting attacks through a proactive approach that emphasizes information and speed in order to anticipate threats and implement countermeasures. Now, cyberattack information provided in real-time from the millions of original sensors Norse has placed around the world will be incorporated with NEC’s libraries of information.

By incorporating Norse’s service into its cyber intelligence, NEC may analyze the behavioral patterns of a wide range of attackers around the world and provide information to rapidly detect attack methods and other actions. At the same time, Infosec has concluded a world-wide primary distributor agreement with Norse and they will start with the sale of Norse services in Japan and ASEAN countries starting today.

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of cyberattacks throughout the world, with sophisticated groups making coordinated attacks on the sensitive information and technologies handled by public agencies. To prevent damages from cyberattacks, it is important to monitor the status of every device within an organization, to implement countermeasures against software vulnerabilities and to be aware of the IP addresses and URLs possessed by attackers.

Norse collects and analyzes cyberattack information measuring roughly 200 terabytes a day from approximately 160 data centers located in 40 countries around the world.

“The combination of proven technologies that were developed protecting the systems of the entire NEC Group for twenty years with the security intelligence held by Norse will significantly strengthen our comprehensive cybersecurity support services,” said Kozo Matsuo, General Manager, Cyber Security Strategy Division, NEC Corporation. “This partnership enables the one-stop handling of customers’ security measures, from introduction to emergency response, and bolsters our threat and vulnerability information management solution, which processes real-time threat information collected from all over the world.”