Vaio S

The Vaio S Is A Solid Ultrabook With An Unusual And Troublesome Hinge

The Vaio S Series is an ultra-premium convertible laptop built for the executive set, made to turn a man of business into a businessman. Carrying on legacy of the Vaio name that became popular under Sony, the flagship device of the newly brand’s western debut gambles hard on quality and luxury to entice high-end buyers.

With a magnesium alloy coating on top and sharp, jutting edges, the new S perfectly exudes that elitist minimalism that all ultrabooks strive for. At the same time, Vaio wants to emphasize the durability of the S. Constructed in China and “inspected” in Japan, the S can reportedly survive 3-foot drops and common accidental screen bending scenarios, like closing a pen inside it.


As for its specs, the Vaio S is a 13-inch, Full HD screen, 15-watt Core i-series processors, nine-hour battery, 8 gigabyte of RAM, up to a 256 gigabytes PCIe SSD and a lot of ports. So many ports. The list includes three USB 3.0 connections, HDMI-out and even RGB.

The S also sports some bells and whistles that are distinctly “Vaio,” such as the keyboard, that sounds softer than most thanks to “sound-tuned” keys. The keys also have a smudge-proof coating that keeps them looking fresh.

The most distinctive feature on the S can be found at the hinge. It has a heel, a small plastic outcropping popping out the bottom edge of top panel, which slightly raises and tilts the keyboard when opened for a more ergonomic typing angle. The slight incline will neither astound nor bother users new to the practice, but after going back to typing on a level and flat laptop, it’s easy to see how it would make long-term use more pleasant.